Save is redefining wealth

Save rewards customers
for taking care of themselves and the planet

A financial advisor’s role should go beyond simply recommending investments. Save encourages and rewards customers for living well, being productive, and caring for the environment.

Financial Health

  • By replacing credit card rewards and traditional bank account interest with investments, we hope to improve the overall financial health of our users.
  • Save doesn't earn, unless our customers do.

Improve the Planet

  • ESG-focused investment.
  • Earn greater rewards for electric vehicles and charging, solar energy, and other environmental purchases.
  • We encourage sustainable spending.

Help our Users Grow

  • Save aims to encourage spending in areas that improve our users’ overall wellbeing.
  • Bolstering rewards for purchases at gyms, healthy eating establishments, and more.
  • We encourage our users to live well.

Encourage Productivity

  • Save rewards customers for spending in areas that help make lives more productive.
  • We aim to increase rewards in areas like childcare and purchases that assist with remote work.

Who we are

The Save team and partners unite their experience in insurance, banks, investment banking, fund
management, and advisory assets to create an easy-to-use platform to help everyday people access
advanced tools to meet their financial goals.

Save was created by founder Michael Nelskyla and a team of financial industry veterans, fund
managers, data scientists, software developers, and quantitative leaders with experience at financial
firms and organizations such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, and NASA.

At Save, we believe everyone should have access to sophisticated investment strategies to get the
highest market returns possible while keeping their investments safe.


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