Thanks to referral you receive $1,000 of equivalent portfolio investments added to your account after you spend your first $250 of qualifying spend.
Checking & Savings with market returns

Now there's a smarter way to grow your money

Your Save® account is powered by a new approach to savings and investment technology that makes better returns possible.

While your initial deposit is 100% FDIC insured.

FDIC insured to the maximum allowed by law | Investments Protected by SIPC

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Savetech: A new approach to savings technology

Invest in the market,
and keep your money safe

If you want to reach your savings goals without risking your money in the market, it's time you met Save®.

Your Save® account is powered by a new approach to bank technology that combines the safety of a bank account with the upside potential of market investments. The result? You get market returns with bank deposit safety.

Now you can grow your wealth while keeping your money safe.


You spend $1, we invest $1
on your behalf

With average returns of 2.97%**, the Save Debit Invest Card’s earning potential beats even the best credit cards.

So you can earn more from the money you're already spending.

No limits. No categories. FDIC insured
No limits. No categories. FDIC insured †

See how your money adds up over time

There are 3 ways to earn with Save®:

Debit Invest Card

Spend $1, get $1 in equivalent portfolio investments

Market Savings

Turn your interest into investments


Get $1,000 in equivalent portfolio investments
for each friend you refer


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