Thanks to 's referral, once you open your Market Savings program, $5,000 in equivalent portfolio investments will be added to your account.

A New Way to Save

Get investment linked returns along with your FDIC insured deposit.

Save keeps your cash 100% safe but replaces traditional interest with investments in a growth focused portfolio. Yield is taxed as long-term capital gains**.

Almost all savings accounts are virtually guaranteed to underperform current inflation rates.

Why settle for that?


Introducing Save

Save gives you the opportunity for 3x the APY* of most savings accounts by replacing traditional savings account interest with market returns.

Your money is always safe in your FDIC insured account because we never put your initial deposit at risk.

Market Savings

1-year term
8.96 %

Market Savings

5-year term
9.06 %

3 Reasons Why
Save Just Makes Sense


Growth-focused savings with an APY* of 8.96% - 9.06%.

Peace of Mind

Complete security on your FDIC-insured deposit - it never gets invested.

Referral Bonus

Boost yield potential even more. For each friend you refer, you each get a referral bonus in equivalent portfolio investments.

If your portfolio doesn’t make enough to cover the fee, we don’t take it. We believe in aligning ourselves with a positive outcome for you.

Market Savings vs. Traditional
Savings Accounts

Market Savings
Traditional Savings Account
FDIC Insured
8.96% - 9.06%*
Less than 3% Source: National Rates and Rate Caps
Monthly fees
Long-term capital gains tax on any positive returns**
Income tax on positive returns
Withdraw at any time
Subject to advisory fees and early withdrawal costs
Source of APY
Market investments
Bank’s decision

How does Save invest for you and
provide FDIC insurance?


Open a Savings Account

We use two accounts:

1. FDIC-insured savings account with Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.

2. A separate investment account with Apex Clearing Corporation.


Make Investments and Watch Your Progress

The financial professionals at Save work with our partners to fund investments in your selected portfolio of stocks, bonds, real estate and other asset classes accessed via ETFs. The investments will mature based on the term you choose.


Investment Term Ends - Get Your Returns

At the end of your term, you get your initial deposit back, plus any returns generated by your portfolio, minus our fee, if applicable.

See how Market Savings
Stacks up Against

Market Savings

1-year term
8.96 %

Market Savings

5-year term
9.06 %

CIT Bank


UFB Direct



1-year term

Barclays Bank

5-year term

CIT Bank

11 month CD

Ally Bank

11 month CD

Rewards for all

You should know: Banks spend billions on advertising.

At Save, we’d rather grow through word of mouth and pass the savings on to you and your friends.

For each friend you refer, you each get a referral bonus in equivalent portfolio investments. Get more from your savings.

FDIC insured to the maximum allowed by law   |   Investments Protected by SIPC

Up to 3x
Security &
Peace of Mind
Portfolio Design


  • Who is Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC?

    We are proud to present Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, as our partner in sponsoring your Save Market Savings. The FDIC-insured deposit account portion† of the Market Savings product and service is provided by Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. Customer funds provided will be deposited into non-interest-bearing accounts at Webster Bank, N.A. The investment portion of the Market Savings product and service is provided by Save. Save Advisers, LLC, nor its investment affiliates, are a bank.

    Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, is a leading commercial bank in the Northeast that provides a wide range of digital and traditional financial solutions across three differentiated lines of business: Commercial Banking, Consumer Banking, and its HSA Bank division, one of the country's largest providers of employee benefits solutions. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, Webster is a values-driven organization with $65 billion in assets. Its core footprint spans the northeastern U.S. from New York to Massachusetts, with certain businesses operating in extended geographies. Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, is a member of the FDIC and an equal housing lender. For additional information on Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, you may review our Terms and Conditions or visit their website.

  • I want to know more about the investments. How do they work?

    The investments go into a portfolio managed by our team of industry-leading financial professionals. Learn More About Investments.

  • Is the Market Savings APY guaranteed?*

    No. The Market Savings APY* is linked to an investment return. Just like any investment account, your returns are based on market fluctuation. The APY* presented is based on the hypothetical performance of the Save Moderate Portfolio with the understanding that in certain years the Portfolio may have outperformed the APY,* and in other years it may have underperformed the APY* and even potentially returned 0%.

    The big difference in Save is that your principal isn’t at risk because your deposit is put in an FDIC-insured account† with our partners at Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. Your Market Savings deposit is not encumbered, collateralized, or put at risk. Save does not utilize your deposit for anything else aside from placing it with Webster Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, to ensure capital protection.† Independently of your deposit, Save will make an investment on your behalf based on your portfolio allocation. When you open your account with Save, you’ll use the Recommendation Tool to choose the best portfolio. Plus, we never take a fee if you don’t earn a return. You can find out more information on our Legal page.

  • Will I be charged any fees? 

    Save® only charges a fee when you get returns. When you do get returns, the management fee is 0.35%. (If your returns are less than 0.35%, there’s no fee.) There are no other fees such as set-up fees or monthly fees.

  • Can I withdraw my money at any time?

    Yes. If you need to withdraw your funds, you can do so by logging into your account online or in the mobile app. You can also request help by emailing us at or chatting with us through your app. Note that you may forfeit any potential returns you've received on your account by withdrawing your funds early.

  • Can I do partial withdrawals?

    Because each deposit is matched with investments based on the term selected, you will not be able to partially withdraw funds from a given deposit. Instead, the entire deposit and its corresponding investments must be closed in full. You may, however, start several deposit programs that can be closed individually in full. If you think you may wish to withdraw funds, you are recommended to place such funds into individual programs.

    Save advises that you leave your deposits in place for the investment's full term to both maximize your variable APY* potential and avoid costs that may incur in association with early withdrawal from a program.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

    Nope! All the investment returns (minus our fee) are yours to keep — no matter how big they are.

  • Is there a minimum account balance?

    The minimum deposit amount is $1,000 for the 1-year term and $5,000 for the 5-year term. Deposits are FDIC-insured up to the maximum allowed by law, $250,000 per depositor, per bank.

Give your money a safe way to grow

Join Save, and get investment linked returns along with your FDIC insured deposit.

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