What would your savings account look like
with 6.24%* in average annual returns?

Save® makes 3.15%** average returns possible by investing your interest
and 6.24%* average returns possible when you also refer friends and use your Save® Debit Card.

Invests Your Interest

3.15%** average returns

Rewards Your Referrals

Get $1,000 in equivalent portfolio investments for each referral

Rewards Debit Card Spending

Get $1 of equivalent portfolio investments for every $1 you spend

See how much
you could have earned with Save®

Your initial investment of $10,000 would today be worth


Annualized return since 2005: with FDIC insurance.


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Save® keeps your deposit safe.
And invests your interest into a portfolio matching your risk profile.

So you can celebrate when the market’s up. And sleep easy when it’s down.


Your deposit is placed in an FDIC insured partner bank account


Your interest is invested in a portfolio matching your risk profile


You will receive the upside of a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and other assets

2 ways to multiply
your earning potential with Save®

When you refer friends and use your Save® Debit Card, we invest money on your behalf.
And give you all the returns.


Get $1,000 in savings power for each friend you refer

When your friend opens a Save® account with your referral link, you and your friend each get $1,000 in savings power.

See How Referrals Work

Coming SoonSAVE® Debit Invest Card

Spend $1, get $1 in savings power

When you spend $1 with your Save® Debit Card, we invest $1 on your behalf. And give you all the returns.

See How the Save® Debit Card Works

Give your savings more potential to grow with Save®

No Return,
No Fees

If you don’t get returns, you don’t pay a fee. The way it should be.

You may have noticed: Investment managers charge you a fee even when they lose your money.

With Save®, you only pay when you get returns. No returns for you, no fee for us. Guaranteed.

Put your savings
where they can actually grow

Reserve your savings account today and raise
your earning potential for tomorrow.


Growth-focused savings with an average return of 3.15%** – 6.24%*


100% security on your initial deposit through FDIC insurance and protected by SIPC

Advanced Portfolio Design

Advanced portfolio design that only institutional investors normally have access to

No Return, No Fee

We only win when you win

Referral Program

Earn $1,000s in savings power through referrals

Save® Debit Invest Card

Spend $1, get $1 in savings power with your Save® Debit Card

Meet the team behind Save®
and its new approach to savings